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Everything that you need to know about double storey extensions

Many people consider adding a single-story addition to their home, this is usually when they want to transform their kitchen or want to add a family room to their current home. But what if your needs changes and you require space both upstairs and downstairs? 

A double-storey extension may be the best option for you. But what do you need to know about a double-story addition and why would you want one for your house?

double storey extensions

Everything you need to know about double-storey extensions

What is a double-storey extension?

A double-storey extension is when you extend the ground floor and the first floor of your home. So not only are you increasing your living space, but you are also creating additional space upstairs, helping you create additional living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or even a spare bathroom. 

There is a larger project when compared to a single-storey extension, however, they can be completed on time and within your budget. Here at Bexhill Property Maintenance, we have completed many home extensions across Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings. Head over to our gallery page to browse through our previous projects.

Will I need planning permission?

When it comes to adding an extension to your home, one of the most important issues you may have is whether you will require planning permission for the work you want to be done.

There's a possibility you'll be able to add a double-storey to your house as part of authorised development, although this is unlikely in most cases. We recommend that you apply for planning permission to carry out the work in this case. We recommend asking an expert to help you decide what sort of permission you will need for any extension services that you may require. Our builders are on hand to answer any questions you may have, get in touch by viewing our contact details down below. 

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