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How often should a landlord replace a kitchen?

Whether you are making a small meal or are preparing a big dinner, the kitchen is the busiest place in your home.  It includes many of the appliances provided by your landlords, this includes the cooker, fridge or even the washing machine. Over time, only one apple is required to be replaced but there are also times when the whole kitchen is in need of a renovation. In this blog, we go over how often a landlord should replace a kitchen. 

when should a landlord replace a kitchen

When should a landlord replace a kitchen?

When you have been living in the same rented property for many years, you may have thought about when it will be time to get your kitchen replaced with a brand new one. This becomes even more frequent when there are many tenants moving in and out of the house, causing landlords to replace and renovate existing kitchens frequently.  

Kitchens in rented properties usually last for around 10 to 15 years before needing to be completely replaced and even though there is no legal obligation for landlords to renovate existing kitchens within a certain time frame, the quality of the kitchen is reflected upon the landlord.  

When it comes to renting a property, if the kitchen is not in great shape then it is likely that it will attract potential renters. Considering that it is a selling point, many landlords will make sure that the kitchen is kept up to date. 

What if my landlord refuses to replace the kitchen? 

 Whether the landlord accepts or rejects the request is totally up to them, but it's still worth a chance to make a request. There are several factors they will need to consider, such as is getting a new kitchen worth the money, is it in need of a desperate repair and finally will it encourage you to carry on renting long-term?  

Even though your landlord may say no to replacing the full kitchen, you can still come to an agreement to get certain appliances or accessories upgraded, such as the worktop, and the floors or even get the kitchen walls repainted.  

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