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The Ultimate Guide On Refurbishing Your Bathroom [NEW]

Here at Bexhill Property Maintenance, we have completed many bathroom refurbishment projects across Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings. With plenty of experience at hand, we have compiled all the knowledge we have gained to create the ultimate guide when it comes to bathroom refurbishments. This comprehensive guide will help you plan your new bathroom!

bathroom refurbishment guide

Our guide to bathroom refurbishments

Plan the layout

Planning the layout of your existing bathroom is very important because it will help you maximise your space. For smaller bathrooms, you should consider making the space appear bigger by adding more lighting or removing items that take up large amounts of space. 

If you are thinking of getting your ensuite refurbished, you need to get the entire bathroom reorganised and potentially retiled too. Adding new flooring and new bathroom appliances, you will be able to get the bathroom you have always wanted. 

Add Simple Decorations 

When it comes to getting your bathroom refurbished, it does not have to be a major renovation project, you can simply change your bathroom by simply adding a few coats of paint, new shelving units, lighting as well as new towels and accessories. 

Keep it Functional

Whether it is a bathtub, shower, mirrors or cabinets, you need to carefully consider the functionality and style of each piece. Make sure whatever style your choose, is fully functional and meets your needs and requirements. The earlier you choose your style, the better it is as it will help narrow down the choice of fittings to consider.

Bathroom Lighting

Because bathrooms are frequently placed close to bedrooms, any bathroom lighting choices should be carefully considered. Any bright lights during the middle of the night since it's inconvenient for the person going to the restroom or the person sleeping next door.

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Don't Forget About Ventilation

People often ignore their bathroom ventilation, only to regret it later. Ventilation is very important in a bathroom with furniture, for example, if you have wooden cabinets, the dampness could cause harm to the wood. You wouldn't want the bathroom to become damp, especially an en suite, which is why ventilation is important.  So make sure the bathroom is properly ventilated!

Make it fun!

Children's bathrooms need to be bright, creative and fun! Ensure it is child friendly by having storage spaces at the top so children are not able to reach any cleaning products, keeping them safe. 

Set a budget 

Setting a budget ahead of time helps to prioritize where you want to spend and where you want to save your money. The good news is that creating the atmosphere for yourself does not have to be expensive. Invest in just one stunning piece, such as a freestanding bath and display it against a more cost-effective backdrop for a luxury style bathroom.

Ask the Experts

Some builders are capable of completing all aspects of bathroom installation. If you employ a builder to oversee and project manage your bathroom renovation, they could also hire and coordinate the trades on your behalf.

So, if you are thinking about planning a bathroom installation, sometimes it is better to ask a professional bathroom fitter for their expert advice and opinion. If you would like to speak with our bathroom fitters, throughout Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings, get in touch by calling us on 07879335446 or 01424 238797 and we will be happy to help.