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How to improve your bathroom [NEW]

If you are looking for ways to improve your bathroom, then you are at the right place! Our expert bathroom fitters have put together a few tips and tricks learnt over the years to help your bathroom look as good as new. If you prefer to speak to our team to discuss your option with us, call us on 07879335446 or 01424 238797.

how to improve your bathroom

How do I improve my bathroom?

Smarten up your bathroom accessories 

Adding new accessories to your bathroom can have a big impact. You can use colours and styles that match your bathroom, for example, you can consider installing blinds, patterned shower curtains or even hang a mirror to create a stylish look. You can also look into getting matching storage baskets and towels. 

Add a mirror

Adding mirrors to your small bathroom will help create an illusion of a bigger bathroom. To exaggerate the size and feel of your bathroom, we recommend adding long and tall mirrors that suit your bathroom. 

Improve the lighting

Did you know if you add better lighting, it can help brighten up your bathroom? If you are unable to change your existing light fitting, you could also choose to get LED lights installed. 

Increase storage space

One of the steps to improve your bathroom is to declutter, make sure you get rid of your old towels and any products you are not using. Once you have done this, we recommend finding the perfect way to store your bathroom products. Try adding shelves and storage baskets to increase your existing storage space.

Create a feature wall

Creating a feature wall with a bold paint colour or patterned wallpaper can be an effective way to significantly improve the overall look of your bathroom.

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Get professional advice

Asking a professional bathroom fitter on how you can improve your bathroom is a great way to ensure what you want is great for your bathroom. Speak with a member of our team on 07879335446 or 01424 238797. Our bathroom fitters are available throughout Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hastings and the surrounding areas.