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Whether you need a hand in designing a new bathroom or get your current one refurbished, here at Bexhill Property Maintenance our bathroom fitters are on hand to help you. Find out more about our bathroom refurbishment services across Bexhill and the surrounding areas by calling us on 07879335446 or 01424 238797.

bathroom refurbishments

Bathroom Installations 

Getting a new bathroom installed not only looks great but also allows you to enjoy the latest facilities that come along with it. By installing a new sink, shower or toilet, you can get the bathroom of your dreams. So give your bathroom the makeover it deserves with our help.

Here at Bexhill Property Maintenance, our expert bathroom fitters can help you build the bathroom that you have always wanted. From designer bathrooms to budget bathrooms, no matter what your requirements are, we are on hand to install the bathroom of your dreams. 

Our fully trained and qualified bathroom fitters are happy to supply and fit your new bathroom or if you have already chosen a new bathroom they will be happy to install it for you. They can also assist you with:

  • Choosing your new bathroom
  • Fitting your new radiators
  • Installing your new toilet and sink
  • Tiling your floors and walls
  • Decorating

A big project like getting a bathroom refurbished can be overwhelming which is why we ensure that we are with you each step of the way. Our aim is to make the entire process easy for you, from start to finish. We also ensure that all projects are completed on time and to the highest standard. Our customers have plenty to say about our services, read through their reviews by visiting our reviews page

Get a free bathroom installation quote in Bexhill, Eastbourne or Hastings, by sending us a message using our contact form

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bathroom installations

Our guide to getting a bathroom refurbished

If a big project like a complete bathroom refurbishment is too much to take on, we have created a list of things you can do which will give your bathroom a refurbishment on a smaller budget. 

Add small details 

Smaller decorative accessories can have a big impact, adding new towels, frames, plants and candles can help give the transformation you are looking for. 

Add a coat of paint

A touch of paint can help freshen up any room in your home. Not only does it add a fresh feel but it also makes the entire bathroom look clean. 

Size of the bathroom

Based on the size of the bathroom, you may need to think about what you can do to change it. A smaller bathroom may simply require reorganising whereas a bigger bathroom may need retiling.

If you need to get our expert opinion on discussing the various options for your bathroom, get in touch with us today and our fully trained and qualified bathroom fitter is on hand!

Reasons to get your bathroom refurbished

There are many reasons why you should get your bathroom refurbished, Here at Bexhill Property Maintenance, we have listed a few of these reasons for you. These include: 

  • The plumbing is really old
  • To increase your property's value 
  • There is mould 
  • You need more storage space

If you would like to discuss your options with us, you can get in touch by calling us on 07879335446 or 01424 238797.

Benefits of a new bathroom

A new bathroom installation comes with a lot of advantages that you may have never thought of. These advantages include:

  • Increases the value of your home
  • Creates space
  • Reduces clutter
  • Create a more energy-efficient home

These are just a few advantages that we have listed that come along with getting a new bathroom installed, find out more by getting in touch with us today.

bathroom refurbishments

How to find a great bathroom fitter

Finding a good bathroom fitter can be difficult. Here at Bexhill Property Maintenance, we have listed a few points that could help you get the right bathroom fitter. 

Check for reviews

Recommendations given by friends and family are a great starting point. Also, look for reviews on the company's website too. 

Images of their work

Do they have images of their work on their website? Then that's great! This allows you to view the type of work they do is what you are looking for. 

Get several quotes 

Getting multiple quotes is a great way to look into the going rate of a new bathroom installation service. 

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Why Choose Us?

When you call us for a bathroom refurbishment service, we will be happy to book a visit so we can have a look at your bathroom and give you a free quote. We will also be able to give you a time frame on when you can expect your new bathroom to be completed so you can start planning. 

We will be able to offer our professional advice on choosing the right bathroom tiles or panels for the wall, and the type of bath or shower you need to consider right down to making the final touches. We have completed plenty of bathroom projects across Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings, to browse through any of our previous work, simply head over to our gallery page

Ready to get your bathroom refurbished? 

For our bathroom refurbishment services across Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hastings and the surrounding areas look no further than Bexhill Property Maintenance. Call us on 07879335446 or 01424 238797 and we will be happy to help. You can also email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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