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Renovations vs Refurbishments

Renovation and refurbishing all seem to refer to the same thing but however, but you will be shocked to learn that they aren't. Each service has its own set of objectives, criteria, and procedures. To pick the ideal project for your business space, you must first grasp what each means and includes. Carry on reading our blog to find out more.

renovations vs refurbishments

What is the difference between renovations and refurbishments?


A refurbishment is the process of repairing or redecorating something on your property.  It is primarily influenced by aesthetics and tries to enhance the property's appearance. As a consequence, it's considerably more limited than a renovation, and it involves securing the structure of your home before you start. 

House refurbishments are also less costly than renovations, mainly based on the nature of the changes that are required to be made. Our builders highly recommend that you talk with many businesses to guarantee that you receive the best deal.

Here are a few examples of renovations: 

- Getting the exterior of your property repainted  

- Repainting the rooms in your home 

- Plastering 

- Decorating 

- Carrying out major repair work


A renovation involves transforming your property, this could involve altering the structure or building an extension. They are mostly focused on adding to what already exists. When compared to a refurbishment, a  renovation generally takes longer and costs more since it involves more complicated stages. 

Renovations may also be used to swiftly repair and enhance any damaged areas of a home. It's particularly beneficial if you're going to change the construction of a home to conform with current regulations.

The following are examples of renovations:

- Adding a new wall or knocking down an old one 

- Building an extension 

- Loft extensions 

- Extending the ceiling

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